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Can Sleep Change a Person’s Feelings About Race?

May 29th, 2015

When it comes to issues of race there are some who have a bias toward one race or another. There are some who will judge someone based on their race. The same is true when it comes to issues of gender. There are some who prefer one race or gender to another. There are some who will judge those of a certain race or gender. Can a person change the way that they feel? Is there hope for those who judge an individual based on their race or gender? It seems that there could be hope in an unusual form.

Studies that have come out recently suggest that a person can be changed in regard to the way that they feel about race or gender, and that the change can happen while they are sleeping. Playing cues to the sleeping individual may work wonders in changing their racial and gender bias. Daniel Amen mentioned on his linkedin profile that this could be a huge discovery if it is in fact true.

Growth of Solar Power in the United States Bigger than Shale Boom

May 28th, 2015

Solar growth in the United States has been phenomenal in the last eight years. Giant corporations like Apple are using it to reduce costs and their carbon footprint. Solar panels are hitting the rooftops of residential and commercial buildings alike thanks to dropping solar panel prices.

Even oil tycoon Warren Buffet is taking a slice of the solar power pie. His Topaz array in California is capable of producing 550 megawatts of power with another 570 megawatt facility in the works. His facilities are driving incumbent generators into the red on sunny days. The type of impact solar power is having on the energy market is bigger than what shale mining did to gas prices.

Renewable energy from the sun has the most to gain as well. Solar power currently accounts for a mere one percent of total power consumption in the United States according to Adam Sender in the article on interview magazine. There’s so much room for growth in the renewable energy sector that the sky, along with the sunshine that comes from it, is literally the limit.

Within the last few years solar power hit a crucial breaking point. The price of solar power generation became low enough that producing solar power became economically feasible for investors such as Buffet. The future certainly looks bright for Buffet and other early entrants in the race for solar domination.

The Auroras of Mars

May 27th, 2015

Unlike Earth’s all-encompassing global magnetic field, Mars has little umbrella shaped ones that sprout out of the ground over the planet. Remnants of one just like Earths. How, one might ask, do we know that? Because NASA’s MAVEN found green aurora’s in Mars’ northern hemisphere, December of 2014. Though they did not appear at the poles, these aurora’s hint at what once was on Mars, an all-encompassing global magnetic field similar to that of Earths. “The canopies of the patchwork umbrellas are where we expect to find Martian auroras. But MAVEN is seeing them outside these umbrellas, so this is something new,” said Nick Schneider at the University of Colorado. Also unlike Earth, the Martian auroras appeared below 100km in the atmosphere. Auroras are formed when energetic particles rain down on the atmosphere, making the Martian location that much more puzzling. “We’re still doing the physics,” said Schneider “but we have some educated guesses.”.  Hopefully sponsors like Boraie Development LLC can keep them researching.

An Astrophysicist Wonders if God is a Mathematician

May 27th, 2015

The gap between science and religion is still expansive. However, there are bridges being built linking these two long standing traditions. Dr. Mario Livio is an astrophysicist and author who has pointed out the mathematical phenomenon found throughout the Universe in a series of science books.

In his new book, Is God a Mathematician?, Livio explores the seemingly explainable expressions of mathematics found in every aspect of our Universe. Extreme and complex mathematics formulas can be found in every part of nature, including our own bodies. The golden ratio can be found in trees, flowers, and many other natural phenomenon we find ascetically pleasing.

When exploring what most scientists would describe as coincidence, other scientists have suggested there is in fact some sort of intelligent design in our Universe. In fact, the chances that all these cosmological structures being so perfectly expressed though mathematics are astronomical. Something that has left the scientific community scratching their head with each new discovery.

While Livio’s books certainly doesn’t prove or disprove the existence of God or Gods, it does raise some necessary questions that must be addressed with modern science. Sam Tabar is well aware that the Universe is still a complete mystery to us. One thing is clear however, whoever or whatever created it was skilled at mathematics. Or, mathematics is simply a natural occurrence in the Universe. Either way, it would seem math is a discovery rather than an invention.

Love Hormone Oxytocin Effects Mimic Alcohol

May 26th, 2015

New research from the University of Birmingham suggests that the alcohol and the love hormone oxytocin may be more similar than previously thought. Researchers dug into previous reports done on the effects of each chemical and found that people’s reactions to them are almost identical.

Oxytocin is a hormone created in the brain when you are feeling the love. It has a huge influence on social interactions and helps to determine when we decide to get romantic. It also has a dark side that could get you into hot water.

The biggest danger of getting drunk on oxytocin is the fact that it removes inhibitions much the same way that alcohol does. It removes things that usually protect us, such as fear and anxiety, and it replaces them with an increased sense of trustworthiness. This can lead to taking risks we normally wouldn’t much like drinking alcohol, even eating dog food.

Could oxytocin be a social drug people use in lieu of alcohol in the future? Probably not, however, scientists have created a nasally administered version of oxytocin to be used in lab studies. With an orally administered dose you could create a love potion to give to the one you admire.

Keith Mann’s Brief Biography

May 22nd, 2015

Keith Mann has been one of the leading voices against animal cruelty. He is truly one of the few men in our generation who has done more than talk and instead has taken action where others haven’t. This article speaks briefly into his life and a few of his more brazen acts in the name of saving animals. Keith Mann was born in Rochdale, Greater Manchester and grew up working on a farm helping with the dairy cows. Over the course of his life thus far, he has rescued rabbits, foxes, monkeys, and much more as described on his website From Dusk Til Dawn. The article finishes by explaining how Keith was recently diagnosed with follicular lymphoma which is a rare form of cancer. He has been given three years to live and needs our help to beat this aggressive disease.

Anyone who is a fan of Keith Mann or is pro animal rights will enjoy learning more about Keith Mann. They will appreciate his benevolent actions and hopefully will support him so that he can keep up his valiant efforts. They are asking for any sized donation as it hall helps support such a great cause. Readers will also be able to learn how their money will be spent and what his exact treatment is as he updates his audience on Twitter.

Keith Mann Interview with the BBC


Early Humans May Not Have Been the First to Use Tools

May 22nd, 2015

The origins of the human species have been the subject of considerable scientific research and archaeological searching and for good reason. Is there any more profound or complex creation for us to try to figure out than ourselves? Science has been rolling back the veil of mysticism and superstition as to the true origins of humanity for at least the past 150 years as it was 1859 when Charles Darwin wrote his groundbreaking work on evolution. Since then, we have continued to expand the fossil record that opens our eyes as to the lineage of our species. We Homo Sapiens are part of the Homo genus, and this genus has included a few other species such as Homo erectus and Homo habilis. This latter species has long been believed to be the first tool makers to have existed on earth, but a recent discovery may turn this belief on its head.

An archaeological dig in Kenya has yielded tools that predate Homo habilis by 700,000 years. This find indicates that earlier distant cousins of humanity may have actually been first to discover the creation and use of tools. The notion that the first beings to make and use tools was a member of the same genus as modern humans has pervaded belief about our evolution for decades. Somehow and Brian Torchin feel that it makes us seem less special that this may not be the case. Scientists will undoubtedly be combing through this site and everything recovered from it for any clues as to these early tool makers.

Is It Time for a Flag to Represent the Earth As We Explore Other Worlds?

May 20th, 2015

Nothing spurs the imagination and hope for the future more than thoughts of exploring other worlds. The exploration of the final frontier is seen by some as the ultimate destiny of humanity. The earth has been a wonderful home for our species for as long as there has been a human species, but every baby must eventually leave its cradle. Lacking warp drive or anything like it, our first destinations will have to be in our solar system. We wouldn’t last long on Venus even in a space suit with its horrific temperatures and atmospheric pressure. This makes Mars our first stop for human exploration of other planets.

Forbes even reports that there are people who have been doing nothing but thinking about such a trip for decades now. They have come up with ideas for propulsion methods and the time frame it would take to get there and all sorts of other angles and issues regarding human explorers getting to the red planet. There is, however, one issue that others may not have thought of yet; what flag to raise once we get there. A Swedish design student has actually given this some thought. He believes that, as we explore other planets, we are representing earth instead of a particular country or few countries. He has come up with a design for a flag that represents the earth. It is comprised of interlocking rings that represent a flower and symbolize connectedness and this is on a blue background.

Speech Continues to Grow

May 20th, 2015

The study of speech and the effect that it has on the brain is completely underdeveloped. Researchers know the bare necessities about speech: in average circumstances it is developed in the first few years of life, if the speech section of the brain gets damaged it can be repaired through physical therapy, and just recently, researchers found out that the same speech can be perceived differently. Speech and communication are an everyday part of life for most individuals. What people don’t realize is how much there still is to learn about speech. A recent study focused on foreign languages and how hearing those foreign languages affects the brain. Researchers took one sentence and rearranged the wording multiple times to see how it affected the brain. The researchers behind this studied named these factors “quilt patterns.” The quilt patterns were developed ahead of time in a specific way to stimulate the speech section of the brain. What researchers hypothesized is that in short bursts, the brain tries to relay speech back to patterns that it normally recognizes. Sam Tabar is aware that this information becomes useful when people are making new language learning tools. The research team will continue conducting studies to see the effects that speech has on the brain. They hope to incorporate more languages to see what the data will be. Finding willing participants who speak foreign languages will be a challenge, but the researchers are hoping for success.

International Space Station May Deploy Laser to Shoot Space Junk

May 19th, 2015

The International Space Station has been a multi-billion dollar investment which for NASAS, the United States as well as other countries jointly invested in the project. To maintain that investment, the managers of the space station are looking to protect it for the long term with a page out of the most recent science fiction movies. Mangers for the space station are developing plans to arm the International Space Station or ISS with a laser system so the space station can defend itself against space debris. Scientist note that the Space Station does not have to worry about a monster debris field that wiped out all of the satellites in orbit in like in the movie “Gravity” but since the late 1950s numerous countries have caught up with Russia and the United States and placed a number of space craft in orbit over the past 50 years. As these crafts go out of service, some decay and fall back to earth, but not right away. These now dormant objects pose a risk to other space crafts in earth’s orbit. The proposed laser system could also protect the ISS against smaller objects such as asteroids. The team at Beneful noted the system has been tested on land and smaller versions have been tested on previous shuttle missions. Managers of the ISS hope to have the system installed by the end of the year at the earliest and next year at the latest.Space Station to Be Fitted With Laser