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North American Spine Can Help Athletes

March 4th, 2015

Those who engage in athletics on a regular basis find that doing so can result in a pounding on various body parts. After years of landing on a skate blade a professional figure skater’s back may have problems that cause pain even when the skater isn’t on the ice. A professional football player may find that many years of diving for the ball will also create problems for them even when they are not playing football. Many athletes work to order to maintain the best physical shape possible. In doing so, they may be inadvertently causing unexpected problems with their spine.

Those who wish to remain in the best possible shape will often need help from a professional in order to do so. Many players and other high level athletes find that years of pounding have taken a toll on their neck or lower back. The result can be pain when playing a game or just working out at home. The best possible help is essential in order for an athlete to regain top form or just to be able to engage in a sport that they love without enduring unpleasant pain and difficulties with mobility as they walk across to the playing field.

Staffers at the North American Spine can greatly assist with this process. Those who work for North American Spine know the human spine inside and out. Their skilled doctors can work with patients who like to play sports in order to help them stay in the best possible shape. At North American Spine, they have developed many kinds of procedures that are designed to address back and neck pain. Their skilled doctors can easily determine what kind of problem their patient may have. They know exactly how to locate the source of spinal pain in their patients.

Once such a diagnosis has been made, doctors at this greater Dallas, Texas area practice can work with patients to help move past the pain, locate where the problem lies and work hard to fix it. Doctors here have pioneered the world class AccuraScope® procedure and created surgical techniques that allow their patients to undergo surgery and emerge from it quickly and free of pain. The procedure has been performed many times and shown to work well on patients from all kinds of backgrounds. Many are delighted to discover just how quickly they can return to the sports they love.

SpaceX Achieves New Milestone by Becoming a Profitable Private Space Launch Company

March 4th, 2015

Getting into space has long been seen as something that is too big for individual companies to be able to handle, and for decades this has actually been true. Much of the technology that makes space travel possible had to be perfected through the process of competing governments vying for access and control of the ultimate high ground of space through the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, however, Paul Mathieson says with private companies such as United Launch Alliance and SpaceX, we are on the cusp of the launching of people and supplies into orbit by private companies being a commonplace occurrence. In fact, SpaceX has just reported that they have sufficient contracts in the pipeline for their space launch services that they are actually turning a profit.

The advent of profitable companies in the industry of getting people, satellites and supplies into space is a major achievement. What’s more, given the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle fleet, it is also a necessary achievement for the United States to once again have an independent ability to access space. We have had to depend on the Russians for some time now to get our astronauts to the International Space Station. You have to think this will change soon with SpaceX recently showing their new Dragon V2 Space Taxi that can carry up to seven crew members up to orbit. The retirement of the shuttle fleet without a NASA replacement set to take over was a controversial decision, but it looks as though US innovation and industry will be able to fill this need ably.

The Hubble Telescope Has Been Bringing Us Awe-Inspiring Beauty for 25 Years

March 2nd, 2015

The 25th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope is upon us this month. No other single scientific instrument has ever opened the universe to our prying eyes more than this telescope. By getting above the haze of the Earth’s atmosphere, it was able to see more deeply and clearly into the universe in which we live than any ground-based telescope could. The visions of our universe that it provided us (and still provides us) are breathtaking. We have now seen the places where stars are born and objects that are so far away from us that their light began its journey toward us billions of years ago.

Given the amazing legacy of this telescope, not many people remember that immediately after it was first launched a quarter of a century ago it was considered a boondoggle by some said Marc Sparks. When it was first launched and powered up, the images that came back were blurry. During this period much was written about what a waste such expenditures were and that the money should be spent more wisely elsewhere. Then, after a defective part was changed out in the telescope, it delivered the stunning pictures of the cosmos that it continues delivering to this day. The images were so breathtaking that they shut up the critics in a hurry. Even if some of them still believed it to be a waste of money, they would not be able to get hardly anyone who looked at the amazing images to agree with them. Thank you to the team at NASA and any others involved in bringing the wonders of the cosmos to our doorstep.

Skout’s Phone-Friendly Mingle App a Hot Topic among Millions

March 1st, 2015

Tech companies all over the world offer dating apps of different size and popularity. Skout, OkCupid, POF and Tinder are some of the most popular apps available to the general public. Skout boasts of functionality in 180 countries with support of fourteen languages. Their rise to popularity begins with a unique marketing history compared to most other dating apps. Skout’s cellphone-happy dating app was at one point a general social network competitor. They made their official switch to a dating-oriented audience in 2009 and proved to have made a successful marketing move.

Years later Skout continues to grow in popularity and staff. iPhone, Android and web browsers can access the app for free. Users take Skout to the streets and meet up with other singles. Although Skout needs location information for the app to work properly, the exact location is only given out to other Skouters after user authorization. A user’s exact location is never publicly shown. The developers of Skout are conscious of privacy and permissions.

Aside from Skout’s privacy system, they make sure age pools are responsibly organized. Users under the age of thirteen are barred from Skout’s app and the staff have requested tweeners to “go outside and play!” Once users turn eighteen they are automatically migrated to the adult community making for a two pool system. Some users find the age pool to be broad, but Skout works differently compared to other traditional online dating sites. Skout heavily relies on the proximity of people and acts more as an icebreaker for social events than a tool for random mingling between two people across neighborhoods.

For instance an all-ages show may be happening at an independent music space with users from the ages of thirteen to thirty-seven. These users are pooled into the same digital space and it is up to users to decide who they want to mingle with. The immediacy of Skout and its functionality in public spaces makes the app safer and more comfortable compared to other standard dating websites. Instead of meeting a user online and traveling fifteen minutes from home to a nearby coffee shop – Skout relies on people already at a music concert/public space to meet others and simply walk twenty feet to begin a conversation.

Sign up for Skout today and see how easy it is to meet new people with similar interests.

Supermassive Black Hole

February 26th, 2015

Scientists have discovered a large black hole which registers as being twelve billion times more massive than the Sun, a feat previously thought impossible. The black hole was found by professor Xue-Bing Wu’s cohort of global scientists, and their discoveries were clearly illustrated in a paper in Nature. The black hole is thought to have formed 900 million yeas after the Big Bang, though its growth since then has far surpassed what scientists thought feasible. Black holes attract mass enabling them to grow. But as mass falls into the center of a black hole, it is heated and creates a pressure strong enough to push said mass away from the center of the black hole. It is for this reason that scientists believed that there was a limit to the growth potential of black holes. YouTube videos suggest this black hole however, not only exceeds growth limits, but calls into question our overall understanding of these cosmic phenomena.

This discovery is exciting for students of the cosmos, not only because it sheds light on the seemingly boundless potential of black holes. Placing this supermassive black hole into current theories simply will not do, and will force scientists to amend our previously held notions of what the universe is and how it functions. All one can hope for is that discoveries such as these will only facilitate a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the universe.

Scientists Find Massive Black Hole

February 26th, 2015

An enormous black hole 12 billion times bigger than our own Sun has been discovered by a team of international scientists, The Guardian reports. The black hole, named SDSS J0100+2802 is larger and more powerful than the Sun and has caused many problems for the scientists who discovered it as its birth date challenges many theories of the birth of stars and quasars. YouTube suggests that the quasar is one of the most mysterious objects in space and has proved a challenge for scientists to explain since they were discovered in 1963.

The enormous black hole dates back to just 900 million years after the Big bang took place, which means it was born in the period when space was transforming from a blank area to its current form. Scientists did not believe such an enormous object could be born so quickly after the Big Bang took place, however, if the research into the black hole proves correct it will alter the way the Big Bang and the birth of the universe is considered.

Two NASA Missions will Help Our Solar System Grow

February 26th, 2015

Within a few months, the planetoid object in our solar system may once again become a full planet. Pluto was demoted to a planetoid back in 2006. According to, there are two missions that will explore Pluto and another possible addition to our solar system. On March 6, 2015, NASA spacecraft will make its arrival at this possible dwarf planet, which currently resides in our systems asteroid belt. This planet is called Ceres and scientists think that it may have been one-third of its surface is covered by water said Brad Reifler. Ceres also may have an atmosphere and a planetary core. The other NASA mission will put the spacecraft New Horizons on Pluto by July 15, 2015. This mission will further study Pluto and possible regain its planet status. These two missions are expected to give scientist new understandings at what makes a planet. If this is the case, then more planets may be added to our growing solar systems.

Fine Wine and an Innovative Business Model

February 25th, 2015

Stephen Williams is an expert on rare wines. He is founder and CEO of The Antique Wine Company, which holds the world record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at over $116,000 for a bottle of 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. AWC is responsible for supplying some of the greatest wine cellars to celebrities and royalty around the globe.

While AWC pays special attention to antique vintages, they are more interested in contemporary wines that have the quality, capability, and long-lasting popularity to become future sought-after vintages. Whether the wine is old or new, the Antique Wine Company only deals with amazing wine. It is one of the most recognizable wine distributors in the world. In 2010, AWC released an App for iPhones that gives specifics about fine and rare wines in a easy to use mobile format.

The fine wine business seems to function in an environment of constant improvement, regardless of the economic situation in many parts of the world. Demand for fine and rare wines has continued to increase with considerable interest coming from Russia and China. Exposure to fine Bordeaux wine in those areas is due in large part to the Antique Wine Company’s efforts to increase awareness and expand their market, which began in the 1990’s.

The Antique Wine Company is a leader in the business world, with a high level of information technology used throughout the company as well as an impressive operational infrastructure. From their headquarters in London, AWC monitors and supports wine cellars located in grand hotels, private residences, and palaces around the world.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Stephen Williams has recently expressed gratitude and reflected on the importance of women in the current wine industry as well as their role in the history of fine wines. In the article written for Oracle Capital Group and published on their website, Williams talks about how the gender ratio has become much more balanced in respect to the wine industry, but that there is still more work to do.

No Money to Explore

February 25th, 2015

There has been a good bit of talk lately about people wanting to go to Mars, and while there are people who have the money to go, there is some debate among politicians and astronauts about whether there is enough funding to get people to Mars. A lack of funding could also prevent future trips to the moon or an asteroid. Buzz Aldrin has been one of the people who wants to explore other areas of space as well as put astronauts back on the moon, but if the government isn’t willing to put up the money, Flavio Maluf says then those trips won’t happen. When the government can spend money on a war that seems to be going nowhere, then why can’t it spend money on space exploration that can give the world knowledge about what might be in space? The government seems to have their priorities out of line in the scientific world.

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

February 25th, 2015

The beginning of your life is now. Let go of the problems that hinder you and hold you back. Life is like an ocean, it’s constantly moving and changing. Sometimes life can flow beautifully, and other times, life can be like a storm. Waves may crash against you and try to sink you, but the waves will subside.

When you stand strong against adversity, that is when you know what you are made of. A life without struggle does not exist. Everyone feels pain, sorrow, and unhappiness. It is up to you to remain positive and confident. I dare you to smile during the darkest hour of your life. Let the universe know that you will not stop no matter what is thrown your way.

You’re on this planet to fulfill your destiny. Your dreams and your fate are in your hands. You don’t need anything but your inner strength. Think of life as a journey, a long road that you must walk every single day. The road will never end unless you let it. If you fall down, you must get up and continue onward.

People like Haidar Barbouti wonder: What is the purpose of life? Ask yourself this question, and you may realize that it is a difficult question to answer. Everyone’s purpose is different, and that dream in your heart is yours. Follow your heart and fulfill your life’s purpose.

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